Murphy must not ignore water conservation in tap tax review

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA has blasted Regional Development Minister, Conor Murphy, for failing to mention sustainability or water conservation in his statement on the review of water and sewerage services. She stated that the terms of reference on the review put forward by Mr Murphy also neglected to mention these vital matters. Naomi Long today asked the Minister in the Assembly why he had not taken into account these important issues.

Alliance Spokesperson on Regional Development said: “I asked the Minister why he neglected to mention water conservation and sustainability in his statement and the terms of reference of the review.

“His answer was extremely vague, and he did nothing to assure people that he would take into account vital environmental considerations when conducting the review.

“One of the major criticisms of the previous arrangements for water charging, by Alliance and other respondents, including the General Consumer Council, was that whilst the EU Directive on which tap tax was based, was meant to encourage conservation of this important resource, but the method proposed did nothing to encourage water conservation.

“It would be highly irregular for any review into water charges to ignore this important area. We will continue to hold the Minister to account on this issue.”


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