Mulvenna welcomes Consumer Council support for Alliance call for fuel prices to be regulated.

Alliance Cllr Gerardine Mulvenna has welcomed the Consumer Council support for the Alliance call for fuel prices to be regulated. Their call comes as the price of 900 litres of home heating oil rises to £550.

Cllr Gerardine Mulvenna said: “We have seen over recent years that global events can lead to massive rises in our fuel bills. This situation of allowing prices to continue to increase can not be allowed to continue.

“The Executive must now step in to regulate prices to ensure that people are able to afford to heat their own home.

“I have heard from people who could not afford their fuel bills and so faced a decision between eating or heating. Action must be taken to ensure that situations like that are not allowed to happen again.

“Regulating the home heating oil market will also provide transparency and openness in prices and that any savings from a drop in the price of oil is passed on to the consumer.”


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