Muir welcomes approval for St Columbanus’ College growth

Alliance North Down Councillor Andrew Muir has welcomed the decision by the Education Minister to increase the capacity at St Columbanus’ College, Bangor. Enrolment will increase from 500 to 750 pupils in a phased manner between now and 2025.

Cllr Andrew Muir said: “St Columbanus’ College is a very popular over-subscribed local school. The local community will be very pleased to hear that the Education Minister has granted approval for its expansion. This development plan will enable its growth and should pave the way for its much needed and long awaited new build.

“As a super mixed school of different religious denominations, I am delighted that we will see more pupils being educated in such a mixed environment.

“As a former pupil, I am confident that this decision will lead to more pupils receiving a first class education at one of Northern Ireland’s best schools. I would like to pass on my congratulations to the Staff and Board of Governors for the work to date which has delivered this achievement and look forward to supporting the school over the months and years ahead.”


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