Muir welcomes £3.6m investment to stop pollution at Kinnegar lagoons, Holywood

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has welcomed news that NI Water have formally approved the Business Case authorising investment of £3.6million to address the on-going Kinnegar sewage pollution problem which has caused odours for years.
The Alliance representative has been campaigning for action to plug the sewage problem since early 2010 when he exposed the full extent of the problem and secured commitment by NI Water to spend £100,000 to identify the cause and then £3million investment to fix the problem.
Commenting on the progress made, Cllr Muir stated: “Whilst sewage pollution has occurred for far too long at the Kinnegar Lagoons I am glad that progress to implement a solution is occurring after sustained lobbying by myself. This £3.6m initiative will hopefully eliminate the on-going smells which have made some nearby residents and workers nauseous and are often commented upon by people travelling past the location by car or train.”
“Apart from the serious consequences experienced by nearby residents and workers the scenic Kinnegar lagoons are home to a wide range of wildlife including Great-crested Grebe, Shelduck, Swans, Oystercatchers, Gulls, Terns and Small Waders. Work to stop the pollution and return the lagoons to their original state is long overdue.”
Concluding, Cllr Muir remarked: “NI Water now inform me that the next step will be to “run a tender competition to appoint a consultant to design and supervise construction” followed by an “environmental study to accompany formal planning application.”
Continuing, Cllr Muir commented: “Work is due to commence next year and will hopefully be completed by August 2013.
“Whilst I am frustrated at the long time scales I recognise the difficulties in terms of the site and welcome news that progress is finally occurring. I will however keep a close eye on progress to ensure NI Water finally eliminate this pollution problem. I will also lobby the Department for Regional Development regarding the scheme.”
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