Muir: Redburn Park development is potential runaway success

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has described plans to introduce a new 5k trail run at Redburn Country Park in Holywood a potential ‘runway success’.

The local Councillor was speaking after being advised by the Environment Minister that the government is keen to progress his proposal for a running trail to increase usage of the park.

Councillor Andrew Muir said: “With the 5k Trail Run at Crawfordsburn Country Park extremely popular and Redburn Country Park underused, but yet offering unique terrain and views, I am keen to explore possibilities of a formal marked and measured 5k Trail Run at Redburn Country Park, located close to Belfast, off the Old Holywood Road.

“As a keen amateur athlete and member of North Down Athletic Club, the lack of trail runs across Northern Ireland with steep inclines is apparent. However where these trails are offered – for example Glenariff Forest Park – they have proven very popular, with hundreds of people turning out on New Year’s Day to complete the exhilarating Race over the Glens in Glenariff.

“They can also prove useful places for training in preparation for the many road races across Northern Ireland which includes significant hills.”

He added: “I am delighted to learn from the Minister that my suggestion is under active consideration, with Minister Attwood saying ‘I am confident that it would increase the usage of the Country Park and provide more challenging run than that at Crawfordsburn Country Park’.

“Delivery of this marked course could be the gateway to future events, such as an annual race, whilst also promoting active living and increasing visitor numbers in Holywood area. I look forward to receiving further updates on the project which has already gained lots of interest, further enhancing prospects that it will be a runway success if delivered.”

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