Muir outraged Holywood Police Station marked for closure after £400k investment

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has described plans to close Holywood Police Station as an ‘outrageous scandal’ after discovering that over £400,000 has been spent in recent years upgrading the station.

Cllr Muir remarked: “I recently submitted a Freedom of Information request to ascertain amount spent on Repairs and Maintenance and Capital Works at Holywood Police Station since formation of the PSNI. In response I was appalled to discover that £408,528 has been spent on capital works between 2003-2011 including, I suspect, the new building erected a few years ago to accommodate Tactical Support Group officers who often deal with riots etc. After investing such vast sums I consider any plans to close the station to be abysmal, ill thought out and an outrageous scandal. With Holywood Police Station covering such a large area and home to a well respect local Neighbourhood Policing Team any move to close the station could leave Holywood area dangerously exposed, increase the fear of crime and demonstrate poor management of public funds after pouring thousands into the station only a few years ago.

“The District Commander recently stated that it would cost over £1million to maintain Holywood Police Station over the next ten years. With the total cost of Repairs and Maintenance over last eight years totalling £201,786 such a vast figure lacks credibility. It seems that the Police are desperately searching for reasons to justify their atrocious proposals to close Holywood Police Station.

“People across Holywood feels a sense of betrayal that closure is now proposed after previous assurances where given when Enquiry Office opening hours were curtailed. I urge the Police to abandon their plans to close Holywood Police Station and the public to express their outright opposition by attending the Public Meeting on Monday 27 February 2012, 7.30pm at Queens Leisure Complex and signing the petition being organised by North Down Borough Council.”


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