Muir demands fair deal for Holywood Tesco customers

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir is demanding a fair deal for Holywood shoppers after discovering that Tesco charge much higher prices at their Holywood store compared to Tesco Knocknagoney.

Commenting on the situation, Andrew remarked “When I checked the prices of a few basic items it was clear that, on average, Tesco Holywood is over 5% more expensive than Tesco Knocknagoney. With Tesco Knocknagoney only 2 miles away I find it scandalous that Tesco are charging shoppers £1.28 in Holywood and only £1 in Knocknagoney for 2 litres of milk. Tesco should address this inequality without delay. Whilst only 28p in the case of 2 litres of milk, every little helps.”

Continuing, Cllr Muir stated: “last year I exposed the fact that Holywood motorists were paying more with Tesco Springhill selling petrol cheaper than Tesco Knocknagoney. Now it appears Holywood shoppers are also getting a raw deal with groceries higher at their new Holywood store compared to Tesco Knocknagoney.”

Concluding, Cllr Muir stated: “Tesco should end this price disparity without delay to ensure all their customers, including the many people living on low incomes without private transport, can enjoy the same bargains available down the road at Tesco Knocknagoney”.


Prices checked at Tesco Holywood and Knocknagoney on Monday 21 March 2011. Goods priced were;

Nescafe Coffee 200g £4.79 at Holywood, Knocknagoney £4.79

Loaf bread – Sunblest White 800g 89p at Holywood, Knocknagoney 69p

2 litre semi skimmed Tesco milk £1.28 at Holywood, Knocknagoney £1

Heinz Baked Beans 67p at Holywood, Knocknagoney 64p

Kellogg Corn Flakes 750g £2.57 at Holywood, Knocknagoney £2.47

4 tins of Draft Guinness 440ml £5.19 at Holywood, Knocknagoney £4.99

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