Muir: Council sending dangerous message over EU vote

Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has said Ards and North Down Council is sending out ‘a dangerous message’ after the local authority failed to back the EU Remain campaign.

The most important decision facing a generation of voters, Mr Muir said other Councillors had allowed themselves to ‘believe the myths’ being generated by the leave campaign – leading local people into a decision without focusing on the key issues facing Northern Ireland.

Councillor Andrew Muir said: “Northern Ireland’s economy gets a massive boost from membership of the EU and we need to get serious about the potential impact on everyone a vote to leave could have.

“Voters cannot allow the negative rhetoric around issues like immigration to overshadow what Northern Ireland stands to lose. It has also shone a light on the fractions with the UUP – with their Councillors’ mixed voting showing a lack of direction and leadership on such a fundamental issue.

“After questions from my colleague Naomi Long MLA, it has been confirmed this week that Northern Ireland has no back-up plan to make up the money it will lose from Europe.

“With farm subsidies, peace-funding and investment in skills all at risk, we cannot ignore the effect on jobs and the possibility households will have less disposable incomes.

“The debate needs to widen – this is about so much more than a single issue. Rather voters must have access to all the facts, with their elected representatives able to facilitate an open and honest discussion.”

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