Muir commends action on Holywood’s ugliest building

North Down Alliance Councillor Andrew Muir has commended the local Council for taking strong action in relation to the old Moffett’s building on Downshire Road which most people now regard as Holywood’s ugliest building.

Cllr Muir stated “Moffets’ Building has long been a blot on the landscape in Holywood, gradually falling into disrepair until its current awful state. A number of people have raised the state of the building with me and directly to Council officers. People are keen to see action before someone is hurt with the building in a precarious state”

“I am delighted to learn that North Down Borough Council has served a notice against the owner, requiring him to carry out significant works to include removal of vegetation from the building, re-instating the roof, repairing or replacing brickwork, repairing window sills and repairing or replacing any damaged window openings and doors. I hope this notice is complied with and look forward to seeing this eye sore removed either through repair and maintenance or complete demolition.”


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