Muir calls for Roads Service to give green light at busy junction

North Down Alliance Party Chairperson Andrew Muir has called for action before a road traffic accident occurs at a busy Bangor junction.

The Alliance man has highlighted a problem with the traffic lights controlling the Abbey Street junction in Bangor.

Commenting on the issue, Andrew stated “A local resident recently contacted me with regards to the road junction connecting the Belfast Road, Abbey Street, Newtownards and Brunswick Roads in Bangor. Motorists driving towards Bangor along the Belfast Road who attempt to turn right up towards the Newtownards Road are not offered a filter light. Instead they have to compete against the high volumes of traffic travelling out of Bangor towards Belfast. A few seconds later the green light goes red and leaves the motorist stranded in the middle of the junction whilst Belfast bound traffic continues to flow.”

Focusing on the dangers associated with the junction, Andrew remarked “Motorists stranded in the middle of the junction trying to turn right towards Newtownards are forced to make risky manoeuvres to get out of the junction before traffic from Newtownards gets to go ahead. A filter light is therefore urgently required to give these motorists a few seconds to turn right safely without being placed in “no mans” land having to dodge cars to get from A to B”.

Commenting on the junction in question, Andrew stated “Figures I recently obtained from the Police indicate that during the last five years eleven Road Traffic collisions have taken place at the junction with one person seriously injured and twenty one people slightly injured as a result of the collisions. Safety at the junction is therefore an issue”.

Continuing, Andrew stated “The Abbey Street junction in Bangor was the first road junction in Bangor to receive traffic lights in March 1968. When the junction was signalised it cost £8,400 and the Spectator reported “When traffic builds up an automatic controller will extend the “green” phase long enough to allow the queue of vehicles to disperse”. 42 years later the Roads Service should invest a bit of extra cash to ensure the junction continues to meet it’s original objectives to give motorists enough time to safely disperse”.

Concluding, Andrew stated “I have emailed the Roads Service and hope they will accede to my request that the junction gets this small but very important upgrade to ensure motorists can make safe and efficient journeys”.


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