MoT delays affecting tax & insurance: Ford

DRIVERS could be penalised for not having tax or insurance because of lengthy delays at vehicle testing centres, according to Alliance Leader David Ford. Frequent and long delays for ‘MoT’ appointments have already started to affect drivers, as they have not been able to produce a test certificate to obtain road tax or insurance – even if they applied for a test in time.

Mr Ford stated: “I have already raised this matter with Minister Angela Smith MP, who said she recognised the problems that drivers were experiencing with ‘MoT’ tests being delayed.

“She has assured me that a lenient approach would be taken with those who had a continuous record of tax, and I have written to her to make sure that the PSNI and traffic wardens are made aware of this.

“However, that still means that some drivers may have trouble getting car insurance. I have written to the Association of British Insurers asking that the companies they represent make a clear statement that those whose cars are fully roadworthy and who have booked a test are fully covered.

“It is unfair that drivers, particularly those with mobility problems or parents who really depend on their cars, could be punished for something that is no fault of their own.”

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