‘Demand for integrated education high in East Belfast’

Alliance Party Education Spokesperson Councillor Naomi Long has said that support for integrated education is growing amongst residents in East Belfast. She was speaking after an Alliance survey of 132 East Belfast residents found that 77 percent wanted more integrated places.

Cllr Long said: “Yesterday it was revealed by the NI Council for Integrated Education that over 80 percent of people in Northern Ireland support integrated education, and this is reflected in Alliance’s own survey.

“Just under 80 percent of those who completed questionnaires in East Belfast said that there should be more integrated school places in the constituency.

“1,140 children were denied integrated places last year in Northern Ireland, and this figure looks set to grow unless the Government begins to support the sector properly. Over half of parents who don’t send their children to an integrated school say this is because of a lack of provision.

“While not a complete solution to bridging the gap between the two main traditions here, it is clear that integrated education has a major role to play in bringing children from all sections of the community to be educated together.”

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