Meeting underlined strength of feeling about loss of water supply

NI Water officials were grilled at a public meeting organised by Strangford Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy in Portaferry last night. He organised the meeting following the temporary loss of water supply in Portaferry and other areas of Strangford. Kieran McCarthy also revealed that he has had calls this morning from constituents stating they had lost their water supply, but the problem was rectified quickly. He believes that his meeting may have helped to ensure swift action from NI Water.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Last night’s meeting gave people in the area the opportunity to voice their considerable and understandable concerns about the loss of their water supply.

“Around one hundred people attended and expressed annoyance at how long it took to get the supply restored. NI Water officials were left in no doubt whatsoever about the strength of feeling on this matter.

“Representatives of the General Consumer Council also attended and I was pleased they were able to provide an input on this serious issue.

“It appears as a result of the meeting we are getting quicker action from NI Water. This morning, I was informed that some had lost their water supply, but the service was quickly restored. “


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