McReynolds: Council must reduce plastic waste

Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds has said Belfast City Council must take the lead when it comes to reducing plastic waste in the city, in a bid to reduce the damaging effects on our environment.

The local Councillor has said City Hall has a ‘responsibility to take the environment seriously’ as he called for the public body to reduce its use of single use materials on all Council owned sites.

He said: “How we manage and engage with plastic is changing on a global stage and Belfast City Council has the opportunity to be a leader on this issue for Northern Ireland.

“For example, take the common, everyday paper cups that are supplied across Council buildings. Like many, I always thought this was recyclable as it is disposed of in the blue bin. But in reality they actually contain a small piece of plastic which gives them their sturdy nature.

“Currently only two recycling centres in the UK can accept these cups – so not only are they not recyclable in Northern Ireland, but they contaminate the bin which can lead to all the recyclable material being sent directly to landfill.

“Governments have to lead by example and this is where Belfast City Council has a role to play. I want to see a much more sustainable approach to the issue and am asking for a full, costing reported to be brought forward so we can show just how serious we are about protecting the environment.

“We all have a role to play in protecting our environment and I look forward to working within Belfast City Council to take the first steps towards a plastic free building.”

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