Alliance secures audio recording of Belfast Area Working Groups

Belfast City Council Area Working Groups are set to be audio recorded going forward, after Alliance Councillor Peter McReynolds secured the decision at the latest Strategic, Policy and Resource committee meeting.

The move marks the latest success in the Alliance Party’s campaign to improve openness and transparency across all levels of local government, with the party already having secured the audio recording and publishing of all Council and Committee meetings.

Councillor Peter McReynolds said: “The Area Working Groups are an important part of our decision making process, so it is only right that they should be fully open to public scrutiny.

“Since 2014, Area Working Groups have debated and requested Belfast City Council allocates over £4.6 million of ratepayers’ money. Not one of these requests have been refused.”

“As a result, the groups – North, South, East and West Belfast – have had a major financial responsibility with the public unable to see how decisions were reached. We believe everyone has the right to see how this money is spent and the decisions that led up to each allocation.

“While I’m delighted to see this proposal go through, it is extremely disappointing to see the UUP again attempt to block openness and transparency and, in voting against this proposal, send a negative image to our ratepayers that they are happy with decisions to continue in a private forum.

“The Alliance Party has consistently led the fight for greater openness and transparency at Belfast City Hall and will continue to champion an open system, available to all.”

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