McMullan says Alliance perfectly placed to lead change by stepping forward

Prospective Belfast City Councillor Ross McMullan has told delegates at Alliance’s annual conference that the party is perfectly placed to lead Northern Ireland into a shared future free of intimidation, discrimination and where the constitutional question doesn’t define people.

Mr McMullan, who is standing in the Ormiston area for May’s election, was speaking as part of the ‘Step Forward – Local Government’ panel at the La Mon Hotel today (Saturday), featuring young up-and-coming members of the party.

He explained how, following May’s election, Alliance would have scope in Belfast City Council to bring about change to ensure respect for cultural diversity, regard for individual identity and to allow people to live their lives without fear.

“Growing up, my attitude to politics in Northern Ireland was I’d expect to be typical of many young people in the country today – disheartened with, disengaged from and lacking any real sense of hope that things could change.

“But I thought I could do my bit proactively to help shape the future and that’s why I joined Alliance. The party’s vision aligned itself with what I wanted for Northern Ireland – a shared society without intimidation, discrimination and fear; a society of respect and fairness; a society for everyone; where questions of constitution didn’t define us as individuals nor as a party.

“That is why I joined Alliance; that is why I am standing for Alliance; and that is what will drive me when I and my three Ormiston colleagues are successful in May; to be elected representatives which will continue make the tough decisions and to work for a shared future for everyone in Belfast.”


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