Long calls on Northern Ireland to step forward

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MP has called upon the people of Northern Ireland to step forward and make change happen in our society during her speech at the party’s annual conference.

Speaking at the La Mon Hotel today (Saturday), East Belfast MP Mrs Long said the influence Alliance has never been greater, but Northern Ireland could still take a further step forward if people did not give in to the counsel of despair offered by other parties.

“We can see the influence of this party increased, the shared space at the heart of our community expanded, the respect for diversity increased, our interwoven past, and the present and future recognised,” she said.

“We can see Northern Ireland take a massive step forward. But that can only happen if each of us step forward and make it happen. Are people skeptical that their individual contribution can make a difference? Of course – we all are. But I know that it can.

“I don’t give in to the counsel of despair which says Northern Ireland can’t change, because I am surrounded by people in this party who by their unity of purpose to deliver a shared future, despite the diversity of their backgrounds, demonstrate that it has changed, and more, they are committed to making sure that it continues to change for the better – for everyone.”

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