McGrellis – Foyle jobless figures a worrying trend

Alliance Foyle candidate Keith McGrellis has stated that the jobless figures, which shows that Londonderry continues to top the Northern Ireland table, is a worrying trend for the area. 5,057 or 7.4% were unemployed in the city against regional figures of 6.3%.

Keith McGrellis said: “I am deeply worried that once again the North-West continues to have to the highest level out of work.

“The fact that the figures continues to be quite larger than the average for the country just shows how badly the area has been affected by the economic downturn.

“All efforts must be continued and doubled to attract investment to the area to tackle the joblessness. The Employment and the Enterprise Ministers must ensure that they are doing all that is possible to get new jobs to the North-West and that the workers have the skills and training to get back into work.”


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