McGimpsey should have sought better budget deal on health

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA has berated Health Minister Michael McGimpsey for settling for an inadequate budget for health. He said that Alliance warned the Minister he should have driven a harder bargain to gain extra funds and Mr McCarthy has called on the Minister to stop cuts in frontline services and look at administration if he must make efficiencies.

Kieran McCarthy stated: “The Health Minister settled for an inadequate budget and Alliance told him to seek extra funds at the time.

“We warned Michael McGimpsey about this and we told him not to settle for what the DUP was offering. Our health service is a central pillar of our society and cuts to frontline staff must be avoided.

“I also think that the proposals to cut 152 beds at City and Royal Victoria Hospital are totally unnecessary and totally unjustifiable. There are other ways to make efficiencies which don’t involve cutting bed numbers and freezing recruitment. The Minister should be reducing levels of administration to save cash. Such reductions would have a far less impact but would still save a massive amount of money.

“These proposals have sent shockwaves though our health service. They must not be allowed to happen because if they come to pass, the Stormont Executive will have failed Northern Ireland and they may lose the confidence of the public for good.”


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