McDonough Brown welcomes restrictions for contentious parade

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has welcomed a Parades Commission determination that will see restrictions placed on a South Belfast parade scheduled for next weekend.

The South Belfast representative – who last week outlined his concerns over the parade to the Parades Commission – called for cool heads ahead of the annual Ballynafeigh and Annadale Cultural Heritage Society Parade, allowing it to pass off peaceful next Friday, July 29.

Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown said: “Sadly this parade has become known for retrograde and offensive displays of paramilitary insignia and emblems. Such behaviour will be offensive to many who enjoy parading and undermines acceptance for legitimate cultural expression.

“A well-integrated community, Ballynafeigh is socially and culturally mixed, but in recent years this parade has undermined progress, attracting those from outside who do not recognise the work that has been put in to secure good community cohesion.

“It’s clear the Parades Commission has listened to community concerns before making its final determination and I would encourage cool heads from all those set to take part, allowing this contentious parade to pass off peacefully.”

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