McDonough-Brown criticises Leave campaigners for not removing posters

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough-Brown has criticised Leave campaigners for not removing their posters a month after the EU referendum.

Scores of Leave posters remain attached to lampposts and other locations, weeks after polls closed in the referendum. Cllr McDonough-Brown said it was a poor example for those involved in politics to set.

“Here we are a month after the referendum and still many constituencies in Northern Ireland are bedecked with Leave posters,” he said.

“Those who led the Leave campaign wasted no time in disappearing off and leaving others to clean up the mess they had helped create. They appear to be doing exactly the same with their posters – hoping they stay there until someone else comes along and clears them.

“Only a few hours after the EU referendum result, the Leave campaign washed its hands of its outrageously incorrect claim we send the EU £350 million a week and we should give it to the NHS instead. But those lies still remain on the many posters that continue to populate Northern Ireland.

“While Leave campaigners may have abandoned their ridiculous claims, they can’t wash their hands of their responsibilities and I call on them to bring down the rest of their posters immediately.”

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