McDonough Brown leads remembrance events across Belfast

Alliance Deputy Mayor Emmet McDonough-Brown has spoken of his great privilege in representing Belfast during remembrance events across the city today.

Leading the civic act of commemoration in Belfast, Emmet said that in this, the 100th year since the ending of World War one, it was important to ensure the memory of all those who have sacrificed in years gone by are remembered.

He added: “Today we remember the fallen across generations and I’m proud to play my part on behalf of the people of Belfast in marking the bravery of those who went before us.

“As Deputy Mayor of this brilliant city it was my pleasure – personally and politically – to lead acts of remembrance today.

“Today I am reminded that in this society reconciliation is more of a journey than a destination.

“We all have something to learn from each other, and I believe people expect their politicians to show leadership and grace, not least at this time of year which is so important to so many people.”

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