McCarthy welcomes smoking ban

Alliance Health Spokesman Kieran McCarthy has welcomed today’s announcement that a smoking ban will be enforced in all enclosed public workspaces.

The Strangford MLA stated: ‘I am delighted that the Alliance Party’s lobbying on this issue has paid dividends. Employees across Northern Ireland will now gain from healthier and better workplaces, just as has happened in the Republic. We accept that a period prior to April 2007 is necessary for the changeover to be handled with minimal effect on businesses, remembering that the outcome will be good news for the employees and visiting customers of those businesses.

‘It took a lot of hard work to put this campaign together, but this result shows that politics can work for the people of Northern Ireland if we are prepared to be constructive.’

Party colleague Cllr Tom Campbell agreed: ‘As a Liberal party we are in favour of maintaining people’s freedoms. The freedom to work in a safe and healthy environment is clearly the priority here. That freedom has to a large extent been secured with this announcement. We are very pleased the Minister has listened to our case and acted accordingly. This will make Northern Ireland a better place for everyone.’


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