Alliance crossing disappointment

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has expressed his disappointment at the Roads Service’s refusal to provide a pedestrian crossing on the Ballygowan Road close to Lead Hill. However, he also revealed that the Roads were still carrying out investigations into providing a crossing at nearby Glen Road and he hoped that they would reach a final decision there by the end of November.

Cllr. Long said:

“I have been contacted by local residents who are concerned about crossing such a busy road to make use of local facilities. I am therefore disappointed by the decision of the Roads Service not to provide a new crossing along this busy stretch of road.

“Whilst there has always been a demand for a crossing at Lead Hill, the opening of the new doctors, surgery has made the need even greater and I will continue to lobby for a change of heart by the Roads Service.

“However, I am pleased that they are continuing to investigate the need for a pedestrian crossing at Glen Road which is particularly needed for pupils travelling to and from the local school. The assessment for this road should be completed by late November and I hope that on this occasion there will be a more positive outcome.”


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