McCarthy warns unionists that fighting with IFA could scupper any stadium

Responding to speculation that the Maze plan could be scrapped, Alliance DCAL Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA said get on with building the all-sports stadium or else the chance to build a new stadium could be lost for a lifetime. He also said that the antics of unionists, who are picking a fight with the IFA because they rejected the DCAL committee invite, are jeopardizing the chances of building any new stadium at all.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “It’s time to get on with building the new all-sports stadium. There’s no point in unionists picking fights with the IFA just because they lost the battle and lost the rag.

“This fighting and timewasting just puts the chances of building a top class stadium here in jeopardy.

“The days of unionists being able to ignore the views of everyone else are over. They must listen to the wider public and realize that the Maze is the only show in town.

“Unionists are squirming on a daily basis in an attempt to free themselves from the commitments they previously made on the Maze. It’s time for them to be pragmatic and end this dogma over a shrine. It’s time they stopped scaremongering and started building an all-sports stadium to benefit the whole community.

“Get on with the job of building a world-class stadium before it’s too late and the opportunity is lost for a lifetime.”


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