Alliance Leader says Executive is arrogant as he reveals damning statistics

Alliance Leader David Ford has accused the Stormont Executive of breathtaking incompetence and arrogance as he revealed that they have requested to cut legislative corners on the majority of bills at the Assembly.

David Ford said: “Today at the Environment Committee, the Executive requested accelerated passage on the Boundary Commissioner Bill. This means that of eight substantive Bills introduced over the last year (apart from Budget and Social Security) they have sought special arrangements for two.

“Accelerated passage is a measure that is only meant to be used in emergencies. In fact, today’s news on the Boundary Commissioner Bill means that an overall majority of Executive Bills fall into this category.

“These figures are totally disgraceful. They illustrate the breathtaking arrogance and incompetence of the Executive. They also show how this Executive seeks to snub democratic processes at every cut and turn. This damning statistic shows their total lack of strategic thinking and forward planning.

“Will this Executive ever stop cutting corners on important decisions that affect people’s everyday lives?

“It is simply not good enough for the Executive to delay decisions on important issues like appointing a Victims’ Commissioner, then produce a botched-up scheme, and demand the Assembly implement it without due consideration.

“Cutting corners on legislation means less consultation, less accountability and bad laws.

“We have already seen how little original legislation comes from this Executive. This new revelation damages them even more. Public confidence in the Executive is eroding by the day, with numerous delays on important decisions and lame-duck leadership at the head of this government.”


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