McCarthy to lead carers’ protest at Stormont

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has announced he is planning to lead a protest to raise awareness on carers’ issues at the Northern Ireland Assembly. The rally is going to take place in December and the move follows his attendance at conference organised by Carers Northern Ireland, held at Craigavon Civic Centre this week. Kieran McCarthy was the only representative present from any of the political parties here and he said he was angry that others did not attend.

Kieran McCarthy MLA, who himself is a carer, said: “People are angry that there was only one political party representative there and people want action to push the Stormont Executive to better meet the needs of carers. This was a very well attended event but I am very annoyed that no other parties bothered to attend this important conference. It could be seen as damning indictment on their attitudes on this issue.

“I am going to lead the charge for carers at Stormont in a rally to mark carers’ day in December. It will hopefully help put real pressure on the Stormont Executive to make life easier for carers.

“Carers views need to be heard at the highest forum in Northern Ireland and this protest at Stormont will provide a great platform for people to outline their concerns and needs. Many questions need to be answered in relations to assistance for carers and bringing a large number people to Stormont will help greatly in getting the point across.”


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