McCarthy slams treatment of stroke patients in Northern Ireland

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has slammed a report out today which is highly critical of the way stroke patients are treated in Northern Ireland hospitals. The report claims that stoke patients are not receiving medicine that is available which they are entitled to. The report also highlighted the lack of specialist stroke consultants.

The Alliance Chief Whip said: “This is absolutely shocking that stoke patients are not receiving the full spectrum of drugs that is available that could help in their treatment.

“The fact that there are less specialist stroke consultants in Northern Ireland per one thousand patients than the United Kingdom average is not acceptable.

“This is yet another case of Northern Ireland patients not receiving as many drugs as their counter parts in Britain and I must say that this is quite worrying. It was only on Wednesday that an arthritis drug was made available in England and Wales which followed an earlier decision making it available in Scotland, but it is not yet available in Northern Ireland.

“I call on the Health Department to increase the investment in consultants which could go some way to improving services here.”


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