Alliance Leader blasts those involved in South Belfast tarring and feathering

Alliance Leader David Ford has slammed those involved in the tarring and feathering of a man in the Taughmonagh Estate in South Belfast. The incident took place on Sunday and David Ford said that people will find it hard to believe the UPRG’s denial of UDA involvement in it.

David Ford said: “Despite denials from the UPRG, most people will find it very hard to believe that the UDA was not involved in this despicable act. It calls into question the organisation’s commitment to moving forward in any way.

“This brutal act will have sent a shudder through the whole community. The Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie will have to take into account incidents such as this when she decides on funding to UDA-linked projects.”

Former Lord Mayor of Belfast and Balmoral Alliance Councillor Tom Ekin said:

“Those within the organisation who want to demonstrate that they can move away from violence must now provide positive leadership.”


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