McCarthy slams Hain for ignoring Assembly Business Committee

Alliance Party Chief Whip, Kieran McCarthy, has condemned the Secretary of State, Rt Hon. Peter Hain MP, because he believes that Mr Hain will not recognise the work of the Assembly Business Committee.

The Strangford Assembly Member commented: “Within the Assembly Business Committee proposals for debates have been put forward, however Peter Hain has chosen, for reasons best known to himself, to ignore them.

“Mr Hain’s decision to ignore the proposals of the Business Committee are obstructive and unhelpful. I would like to know why he has chosen not to ratify proposals and would ask him how he intends to set an agenda for future Assembly debates.

“He has ordered Assembly to meet on Friday, yet he has not indicated to the Business Committee what will be discussed. I find this situation bizarre and would like Mr Hain to address this matter immediately.”


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