McCarthy slams confusion over number of deaths as a result of C. Difficile

As the Health Committee today quizzes Health Board Trust Chiefs about C. Difficile, Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA says that Health Chiefs must answer tough questions about why there was only a drip feed of information on C. Dif deaths. He also said that much has to be done to maintain public confidence in the health service.

Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy said: “I am annoyed about the confusion which existed regarding the number of people who died as a result of C. Difficile. This confusion damaged public confidence in the health service.

“With something as devastating as C. Difficile, clear and full information must be provided to the public so that they can be fully aware of the situation.

“The Health Trust Chiefs will need to prove that cleaning practices have vastly improved and they must outline the pro-active steps they have taken to prevent superbugs in our hospitals. We need to see changes to protocol and inspection of hospitals without prior notice, so that cleanliness can be tested.”


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