Ford praises Griffin and says his Dromore result would deliver a council seat in full elections

Alliance Leader David Ford has hailed David Griffin’s Dromore by-election result saying it is more than twice the party’s all-time record vote in the area, and it would win the party a seat there in full elections. He also paid tribute to David Griffin, saying he fought a brilliant campaign and is extremely highly regarded in the area. David Griffin received 357 first preference votes (just under 10%), and gained more first preferences than Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Green Party.

David Ford said: “This is an excellent result for David Griffin. He beat both nationalist candidates, and a result like this will win him a council seat in the next full elections.

“Today, Alliance has more than doubled its all-time best vote in this area. This is a brilliant result in an area where we have little past track record. The focus was on the contest between unionists but David Griffin still delivered a great result.

“We have shown that we are the only alternative to this failing Executive. People can see our ambition for Northern Ireland and our hard work for everyone across the whole community.

“Our massively increased vote also demonstrates how many people want to see an end to segregation and know that only Alliance will deliver a united community.

“David fought an excellent campaign and is immensely respected locally. He has a real vision for Dromore and people can see how great a local councillor he would be.”


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