McCarthy shock at Australia travel advice

Alliance Chief Whip MLA Kieran McCarthy has expressed shock at news at the travel warning from the Australian government about visiting Northern Ireland saying he hopes that people will not be dissuaded from coming here as we have so much to offer tourists.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Northern Ireland is a great place to visit and I am very shocked and surprised at this advice.

“We have many great places to come and see and I hope that people will not be dissuaded from coming here by this. The fact that Derry recently won the accolade of UK City of Culture for 2013 illustrates the exciting attractions we have to offer here.

“Northern Ireland has moved forward towards a brighter future and our tourism industry is vibrant. A recent report for the Northern Ireland Tourism Board stated that tourism here could bring in £1 billion annually by 2020 and this highlights how important the industry is to us.”


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