McCarthy reveals shocking £10 million underspend in DCAL

Alliance DCAL spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has revealed that there was a staggering £10 million underspend in agencies falling under the Culture, Arts and Leisure remit in the year ending 31 March 2007. He raised the issue at today’s DCAL Committee meeting and they stated they would seek answers on this matter.

The Strangford MLA said: “There is a massive £10 million underspend in a number of agencies falling under the DCAL remit. I find this unbelievable given the much-publicised lack of funding in certain areas this sector.

“There are many serious questions that need to be answered on this issue – Where did this money go to? Is this cash now gone for good from the culture, arts and leisure sector?

“DCAL and other government departments are crying out for more funding in a number of cash-strapped areas. These tight financial circumstances make this underspend all the more shocking.

“It is also staggering to find out that DCAL had the highest percentage of underspend out of all the government departments, with 30.1% of its entire budget falling into this bracket.

“Coming on the back of the news that the IFA’s vote may have put the £5 million funding for local football in jeopardy, this news is even more shocking.”


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