Alliance disbelief at IFA £5m million funding own goal

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed disbelief at news that an Irish Football Association vote could jeopardise up to £5 million of funding for local football. IFA representatives last night voted not to cut the size of its Executive body. Having a smaller Executive is one of the conditions attached to government funds set aside for football in Northern Ireland.

The Strangford MLA said: “Irish League football needs this assistance and I am sure that many fans will be astounded by this massive own goal.

“Reducing the size of the Executive is only a small step that has to be taken by the IFA to qualify for this massive cash windfall. I cannot understand why anyone would have voted against it.

“I really hope that this vote will not put this potential £5 million cash windfall at risk.

“Our international team is on the crest of a wave at the moment and we need this cash boost to ensure that Irish League football can gain similar momentum.

“I would however like to welcome the IFA’s decision to allow Sunday matches. This is a step forward; however, it is very unfortunate that this good news has been marred by the decision regarding the Executive which could potential put £5 million of funding in jeopardy.”


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