McCarthy: Removal of adoption ban is long overdue

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said the removal of a ban on gay and unmarried couples adopting children in Northern Ireland is long overdue.

The MLA for Strangford welcomed the decision after a Health Spokesperson revealed that unmarried couples – including same sex couples – could now apply to adopt.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “This is fantastic news about a decision which was illogical and wrong to begin with.

“The only issue that should ever have been at stake here is the needs of the child. With so many lacking a stable and loving home, it is completely unacceptable that a blanket ban on certain groups was preventing this.

“Lessons must be learnt for the future. We cannot continue to allow Northern Ireland Ministers to legislate based on their own beliefs. How much money has been spent to effectively bring Northern Ireland in line with the rest of the UK?

“I would urge any unmarried or same sex couples who believe they could provide a stable home to consider applying to adopt.”

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