Dickson says McCausland has still not provided all the answers on double glazing letter

Alliance Social Development spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has said that Nelson McCausland has not provided all the answers over why a letter to the Social Development Committee was changed to make it appear he had met the Glass and Glazing Federation instead of Turkington Holdings in relation to his decision to stop a double glazing contract for Housing Executive properties. The Minister appeared before Social Development Committee this morning.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “Nelson McCausland has still not revealed the whole picture as to why this letter was changed. Officials from Turkington Holdings and the Glass and Glazing Federation have told the Committee Inquiry that there could be no confusion that the meeting was with Turkington Holdings and not the Glass and Glazing Federation. I do not understand how the Minister can claim that it was a simple mistake that led to this letter being changed.

“He has confirmed that the meeting was with Turkington Holdings and not the Glass and Glazing Federation. This inquiry has revealed that one part of the Minister’s response to the Spotlight investigation is beginning to unravel; it will be interesting to find out what further information will be revealed.

“However, the question remains why has it taken him six months to reveal that he made a mistake over this letter, was he waiting for the pantomime season?

“Nelson McCausland is a Minister, he has a duty to provide information to the Assembly Committee, so it is unacceptable for him to claim that there are some things in life that remain unknown, when asked why the minutes of the double glazing meeting were rewritten.

“This was an opportunity for the Minister to provide clarity on this issue, however, his failure to provide all the information has meant that a dark cloud of suspicion still hangs over his head.”


Stewart was unable to attend the meeting this morning as he is on a visit with the Justice Committee.

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