McCarthy queries lack of spending on school sport

ALLIANCE Assembly member and Spokesman on Culture, Arts and Leisure, Kieran McCarthy, has said that the Department of Education needs to explain why millions of pounds of funding for school sports is not being spent, four years after it was first allocated.

In Northern Ireland, none of the allocated £33.75m from the New Opportunities Fund has been spent. Only £1.5m of funding has been committed here.

Mr McCarthy said:

“I find it very strange that only £1.5 million has been committed to projects out of a total of almost £34m. This money must not be thrown away, as it has the potential to provide some top-quality facilities and encourage children to participate in sport.

“Perhaps now is the time for a progress report from the Department on what is happening. It is disgraceful that funding is available and this opportunity doesn’t appear to have been fully grasped.

“The Government isn’t delivering, and it is time we knew why.”

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