Alliance slams Sinn Fein double standards on rights

Alliance Party Justice Spokesperson, Dr Stephen Farry, has strongly criticised Sinn Fein’s proposals for an all-Ireland Charter of Rights.

Dr Farry stated: “The Sinn Fein proposal for an all-Ireland Charter of Rights raises interesting questions. Of course, it should be noted that the Agreement already provides for such a Charter, and both the Northern Ireland and Irish Human Rights Commissions are currently deliberating on this.

“When Sinn Fein argues that the people of Ireland have a right to national self-determination, is this consistent with the Principle of Consent as previously agreed to by Sinn Fein as part of the Agreement or is this a U-turn?

“Freedom from violence is probably the biggest rights issue on this island, but it is buried within their document. When Sinn Fein talk about freedom from all forms of physical, emotional or mental abuse, how do they reconcile this with ongoing paramilitary attacks, or their continuing failure to provide information on the so-called ‘Disappeared’?

“When SF talk about freedom of movement, how does this square with SF’s approach to the forcible exile of people who are not allowed to return home.”

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