McCarthy moves forward free travel for older people debate

Alliance MLA Kieran McCarthy through his Assembly motion today has called for all MLAs to demand free public transport for women pensioners from the age of 60. Currently men get free public transport at their retirement age of 65; however, women retire at 60 but only get free transport at 65. He stated that he wanted to use the debate as a stepping stone to achieving free public from the age of 60 for all.

The Strangford MLA, Mr McCarthy, said: “I am glad that we have had the chance to discuss free public transport for older people. I am also pleased that MLAs took this opportunity to put pressure on the Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy to make the necessary changes.

“Ideally, we want to move towards providing free public transport for everyone at the age of 60 – this may take some time and today’s debate is about trying to make steps towards achieving this.

“Public transport is a key area in which we can improve the daily lives of local people while also protecting the environment. I hope the Minister will do his best to deliver better services and make the best use of available resources.”


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