Fitzpatrick condemns attacks on Paramedics on North Coast

Alliance Coleraine Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick has condemned the attacks on three paramedics on the North Coast within the last month. The third attack on Sunday night resulted in ambulance cover for the area being reduced for several hours.

The Coleraine Councillor said: “This is totally out of order and I would completely condemn any individual who attacks a paramedic or any other member of the emergency services who are only trying to do their job.

“The fact that these attacks on paramedics have left ambulance cover for the area to be reduced is also worrying. So by attacking paramedics it also means that the attack is harming the local community.

“The reduction in ambulance cover was seen on Sunday in Londonderry as there was not an ambulance to take a dying man to hospital as they were all out on call outs.

“There can not be any justification for attacking anybody, let alone members of the emergency services as they are trying to serve the public.

“The punishment for attacking members of the emergency services must be severe in order to serve as a future deterrent.”


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