McCarthy condemns hoax devices disruption

Alliance Party Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has condemned hoax security alerts and the disruption they cause following one in Londond erry and another Lurgan today. In Derry the Army carried out a controlled explosion on an object found close to a school at Moss Park in the Shantallow area and in Lurgan the hoax alert happened close to the railway line at Bell’s Road Crossing.

Kieran McCarthy said: “The public want to get on with their lives free from fear and disruption. I simply cannot understand what people think they will achieve by creating hoax security alerts.

“People are extremely frustrated that a very small minority of people cause problems for everyone else.

“Our society is moving forward and it will not allow itself to be held back by those who get involved in such despicable activity. I would appeal to people to assist police to catch those who cause hoax security alerts and provide any information they can to do so.”


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