McCarthy concerned over potentially massive cuts for museums

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has expressed deep concerns that a proposed 23% funding cut by 2014/15 for National Museums Northern Ireland could lead to the loss of over 100 jobs. Mr McCarthy said he is deeply worried about the massive impact on this sector that such drastic cuts would have.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I am staggered that funding for National Museums Northern Ireland could be cut by a massive 23% by 2014/15. I have been informed that a cut like this could potentially lead to over 100 job losses or the closure of one of the open air museum.

“This is deeply worrying and while I understand that tough decisions have to be made to balance Northern Ireland’s books, a cut of this magnitude would be devastating for the museums sector.

“Our museums are an important resource for people here and they also help boost our tourism industry. I am deeply concerned at the massively negative impact that such a drastic cut might have on this sector and on our tourism industry.”


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