McCarthy concerned by Fire Service procurement issues in Health Department

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has raised the problem of procurement issues for the fire service in the Health Department during the Assembly Health Committee. He believes that £650,000 within the last two months has had to be handed back due to disagreement on business plans for the procurement of fire service equipment.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “I felt that it was important that I raised the problems in procurement for the fire service at the Assembly Health Committee. I do not believe that it has been discussed previously at the Health Committee which is shocking in itself.

“I am led to believe that around £650,000 within the last two months has had to be handed back, not because there was nothing that needed to be procured, but because somebody in the Health Department has continuously blocked several business plans for life saving fire service equipment, such as protective uniforms.

“With recent allegations that a senior member of the fire service who was involved in the stores and procurement office had his own business selling equipment to different fire services around the UK just shows the problems that needs resolving.

“I would urge the Health Minister to make this issue a priority in his Department.”


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