McCarthy calls for more money for mental health provision

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has called for more money to be spent on mental health provision. His comments follow a survey from the Royal College of Psychiatrists that says that overcrowding in hospital wards is due to a lack of community services for those with mental health needs meaning many remained in hospital because there was nowhere else for them to go.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “This survey shows a shocking lack of money for community services for the mental health sector.

“All this stems back from the Bamford Review that was launched several years ago to much fanfare but there was no extra money for mental health services outlined in the report. So this begs the question as to what is the point of launching reports if no money is given to achieve their aims.

“I hope the Health Minister takes note of this report and will attempt to rectify these issues. And I would hope that the Finance Minister Sammy Wilson will give the Health Department more money to do this.”


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