Frazer urges people to be vigilant against bogus callers

Alliance Newtownabbey Councillor Lynn Frazer has urged residents in the area to be vigilant against bogus callers after men pretending to be from the water authorities attempted to gain entry to three homes in Newtownabbey in the space of one hour on Thursday. They were only able to gain entry to two of the homes, robbing one of them. They targeted houses in Glenvarna Walk, Lacken Gardens and Tobarcooran Avenue.

Cllr Lynn Frazer said: “I am shocked that these men are preying on the vulnerability of elderly people. I would urge everybody to be vigilant against bogus callers. Any legitimate caller will be happy to show you their identification; if they do not have any identification then you should not let them in your house and report it to the police.

“The actions of these individuals do not have any place in our society.

“I would appeal to anybody who was has any information on these robberies to contact the police. They should not be allowed to carry out any similar crimes again.”


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