McCarthy calls for action following attack on fire fighters

Alliance Health, Social Services and Public Safety spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has condemned the attack on two fire fighters last night in West Belfast and has called for action to prevent future attacks. The fire fighters were called out following an arson attack on an elderly women’s house.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Yet again we are hearing the worrying news that there has been another attack on fire fighters. They were attacked while they were trying to do their job and get to a fire at an elderly women’s house that was started deliberately. It must be very demoralising for fire service personnel who are being attacked while doing their jobs.

“This is very concerning that the fire service is being prevented from doing their job by those that are attacking them. One of the fire fighters got glass in his eyes which just show how disgraceful this attack was. If it turns out that the fire was started to lure the fire service out then it would show the total disregard for life that those who started the fire have.

“The fact that they were trying to get to a fire that was started deliberately at an elderly women’s house makes it extremely troubling. Those that started this fire could have killed this lady. I completely condemn this attack on this women’s house and hope that she gets over this attack as soon as possible.

“The Health Minister Michael McGimpsey must do more to attempt to prevent these attacks as somebody might be killed as a result of the fire service not being able to do their job due to these attacks.”


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