Long states latest quarrel shows how fragile the Executive is

Alliance Deputy Leader and vice chair of the OFMDFM committee Naomi Long MLA has stated that the latest quarrel over a Regional Development paper just shows how fragile the Executive is. The First Minister Peter Robinson has claimed that the Regional Development Minister Connor Murphy has broken the code of office by not making changes to a paper that were agreed at an Executive meeting. It is also claimed that in this paper the words Northern Ireland were replaced with the North.

Naomi Long MLA said: “This latest quarrel just show how fragile the Executive. We said before devolution was restored that if it was to work then Ministers must not go on solo runs, otherwise we would just have the same problems that we had previously.

“The depth and breadth of the problems is now clear for every one to see. But the pettiness of some of these disputes is breathtaking. If the Executive is serious about serving with the best interests of the public then they should take a step back from this brinkmanship and try to resolve these problems in a mature way.

“The public will not forgive the Executive for these problems especially given the rising cost of living. They will not thank an Executive that is embroiled in petty disputes.

“It is already clear that this instability within the last couple of months is reflected in the uncertainty in the business community and growing tensions on the street. The Executive have a responsibility to lead and the first step in that is to meet together collectively. Without a commitment to meet together and a commitment to resolve this impasse then is hard to see how the public can have any confidence that this administration has their best interests at heart.”


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