McCarthy calls for a review of the drink drive limit

Alliance Strangford MLA Kieran McCarthy has called for an urgent review of the drink drive limit. His comments follow the Assembly debate that called on the Minister for the Environment to review the current limit.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “Northern Ireland, along with the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain currently has one of the highest drink drive limits in Europe. Only a few other countries have the 80mg alcohol limit while many others have a limit of 50mg of alcohol.

“People seem to think that their driving is not impaired if they only have a little amount of alcohol but reports suggest that any amount of alcohol can have a negative impact on your reaction time on the road.

“The devastating and long lasting effects of drink driving are unfortunately only too well known. So I would urge the Environment Minister to send the message that drink driving is unacceptable by reviewing the drink drive limit, with a view to reducing it.

“The Minister must do this to ensure that our roads are safe for all.”


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