McCarthy blasts unionist ‘walkout’ on DCAL committee over stadium

Alliance Culture Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA says unionists are running away from their responsibilities on the Culture Arts and Leisure Committee after they voted to adjourn it today. The meeting was to discuss designs for an all-sports stadium at the Maze. He called their actions a walkout and said what they did could potentially cast a shadow over the chances of us having a national stadium at all.

The Opposition MLA said: “What are the DUP and Ulster Unionists up to? Are they running scared from talking about plans for a new all-sports stadium? It very much looks like it.

“With their decision to adjourn today’s DCAL committee, it appears that many of the unionists are walking away from their responsibilities.

“Today’s unionist walkout has set us back and lets hope that their actions will not put in jeopardy our chances of having a new all-sports stadium.

“Are they scared to talk to the Minister about this? Those that were to give presentations have been snubbed, including the Minister himself.

“We should be using today’s meeting as an opportunity to discuss the whole issue. We are not committing ourselves to any particular location by merely discussing matters.

“There can be absolutely no doubting the fact that Northern Ireland needs an all-sports stadium which is a shared space. Everyone, from every background has to feel welcome. Sport can be a real uniting factor – any new stadium must deliver this irrespective of the location.

“Today’s disgraceful walkout sends out a terrible message. Do the unionists not want a new all-sports stadium at all?”


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